• Beach Bar Access

    Beach Bar Access

    Here you can enjoy the sea breeze, the sand between your toes and one of the best food and beverage services of the place. All this enhanced with the view of the Pacific Ocean decorating the whole place.

  • Media Room

    Media Room

    In the media room you can enjoy movies, series and everything you are passionate about with friends and family, It has comfortable seating and snack service that will make you feel better than in a cinema.

  • Ocean Front Gym

    Ocean Front Gym

    Here you can work out the way you want, to firm and tone what you need under the tutelage of our professional trainers who will make your training days worthwhile while enjoying the best view of the ocean.

  • Virtual Rooms

    Virtual Rooms

    The room where virtual reality and the real world intersect, the virtual room has games with the greatest possible reality racing simulators, golf and more that will make your hours fly away.

  • Restaurant Terrace

    Restaurant Terrace

    Given its excellent location the restaurant terrace is the perfect spot for breakfast or a business lunch while enjoying the scenery site architecture and nature together.

  • Kids Lawn & Play Space

    Kids Lawn & Play Space

    The place where children are our priority, here children will have endless fun while being served by our trained staff to provide them with entertaining moments.



    You can spend hours enjoying amazing bowling lines staffed and feted by our team who will provide everything you need for your hours of play to be the best.

  • Ice skating

    Ice skating

    In The Estates of Acqualina’s ice rink, you can skate endless hours. This is fun for the whole family who can enjoying the cold and ice every time they want.

  • Acqualina Spa

    Acqualina Spa

    Our spa has everything you need to relax, staff Acqualina will eliminate the stress and worries in an instant due to their great experience.

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